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Andrés Gallego
Andrés Gallego

Madrid, Spain

Colombian designer based in Madrid.

  1. Book Month niños amigos libro leer letter books love friendship forms reading read boy girl children book
  2. Bowling cartoon bowling ball bolos bowling
  3. Guitar guitar animation rock music fun
  4. Guitarman music hero superhero guitar guitarist
  5. My  quarantine pattern hobbies house stay chaos alarm locura crazy home virus quarantine
  6. Brothers playing escape hermano family love brother bros
  7. Springtime beautiful chair sit guys skateboarding nature leaves springtime spring
  8. Locura anxiety handmade artwork objects doodle crazy
  9. Christmas Repair funny gato cartoon regalo coche repair gift christmas car
  10. Percussion drumer flamenco spanish music percussion drum
  11. Painting brush painting paint girl
  12. Human Tetris shape body human tetris art
  13. Amigos friendship jar contest friends beer
  14. Flamenca spain woman heels girl flamenca flamenco
  15. D for #36daysoftype type 36daysoftype-d 36daysoftype letter d letter
  16. Get outta here! scape mobile phone black white rough skateboarding skate sk8
  17. H for #36daysoftype type art h 36daysoftype 36days letter
  18. Friendship homies dudes knifes friendship friends
  19. Powerslide highway landscape lakai skateboarding sk8 skate
  20. The art of looking tourist watching looking illustration museum artwork eye art
  21. Fair play dance dancing ball play knife basketball
  22. Camo Book reading kid child nature plants camo soldier book
  23. Harden beard posca harden james basketball
  24. Happy Go Skateboarding Day love day go skateboarding sk8 skate
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